Publishing Director - Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob has worked extensively within the publishing world.  He was the Publishing Director of the culturally influential Modern Nomad magazine, the Editor-in-Chief of the alternative magazine Phage, a feature writer for the global club-culture periodical Revolution, and was the Food and Travel Columnist for the Tuscaloosa News.   He has been a guest lecturer at Duke University and Flagler College and has taught Creative Nonfiction and Travel Writing at Rollins College.  Jacob has also taught Creative Nonfiction at the Emerging Writers Institute at Stanford and UC-Berkeley and Essay Writing  at the Exploration Summer Writing Program at Yale University, where he edited a book of students' work that was published by the program.  

Artistic Director & Events/Promotions - Jessica Jacob

Jessica Jacob has a M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics.  She has taught Spanish at Rollins College and at the University of Alabama.  During her time at the University of Alabama, she helped organize Spanish language conferences and cultural events, including a music and poetry night at the Alabama Modern Languages Conference.   Jessica was the Director of the Emerging Writers Institute (EWI) at UC-Berkeley and the Assistant Director of EWI at Stanford University.  She is passionate about how language and culture converge and how that convergence can either constrict or expand a person's consciousness and communication skills.  During her free time, Jessica plays the classical Spanish guitar and hones her skills as a website and book designer.

Associate Editor & Social Media - Michael Winters

Michael Winters is the Director of the Valencia College West Campus Writing Center.  He is also an Associate Faculty member in the Communications department at Valencia College who teaches English and Speech classes.  Michael has a deep interest in creating convivial group dynamics and helping ESL students to communicate more clearly during their transition into a new cultural milieu.

Associate Editor & Copy Editor - James Vrhovac

James Vrhovac is a tenure-track faculty member in the Communications department at Valencia College who teaches English Composition and English Literature classes. James graduated with a M.A. in Technical Writing from the University of Central Florida.  He is interested in adventure writing that features moral issues and likes to work on projects that he finds engaging and thought-provoking.