Nomadic Devotion

A Contemplative Inquiry into the Poetics of Place

By Paul W. Jacob

The philosophy of Nomadic Devotion coveys that when we patiently distill, and then follow our deepest calling, we will find ourselves in the places where our real work organically occurs.  This ethos is not merely about travel or physical movement, but encapsulates a holistic way of being that is engaging and revelatory, a process that requires profound listening, authentic action, and subtle discipline in order to refine and express our true self. 

The prose poems, or vignettes, within this book, which are divided into six locational groupings,  reveal that deep inquiry into the poetics of place can have a profound effect on our art, psyches, souls, interpersonal relationships, communities, and ultimately our cosmologies.  When read together, these writings take the reader on a journey throughout various seasonal locales in North America, awakening us to the shamanic powers of place, and our entire environment’s transformational effects upon us.  

In addition, the author includes two contemplative essays on the poetics of place.  One utilizes religious, philosophical, and sociological nuances to holistically explore the topic.  The second self-reflects on the various locational groupings and their evolutionary lessons.  Nomadic Devotion takes the deep study of locality, and through its contemplative poetic lens, renders it approachable to anyone with an interest in the poetics of place. 


A reading by mystic and writer Paul W. Jacob from his book Nomadic Devotion: A Contemplative Inquiry into the Poetics of Place.