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Paul W. Jacob shares his new book, Nomadic Devotion: A Contemplative Inquiry into the Poetics of Place, with Rollins College WPRKFM.

Jake Kaida and Matthew Tavis Johnson perform live at the KLCC studio in Eugene, Oregon, during their Blue Collar Nomad Book and Music Tour.  The artists were also interviewed by host Eric Allen about their unique creative collaboration.

Jake Kaida and Matthew Tavis Johnson are interviewed for an hour on the Jefferson Exchange radio program broadcast out of Ashland, Oregon.  The interview asks in-depth questions about their creative collaboration, living nomadically, and the spiritual aspects of travel.  Jake reads excerpts from Blue Collar Nomad.

Jake Kaida is interviewed for Rollins College Radio's Functionally Literate, which celebrates Orlando's literary community. This show was aired on the 11th of December and includes music from Matthew Tavis Johnson's Blue Collar Nomad Soundtrack.

Listen to author Jake Kaida interviewed by host Vicki Leeds on her radio show, The Vicarious Traveler, broadcast from Marin County, California.  The Vicarious Traveler is a show about people and where in the world they go to pursue their dreams, to work, or to have great adventures.  Vicki talks with Jake about his new book, Blue Collar Nomad: The Literary Reflections of a Grassroots Pilgrim, and about travel, living nomadically and the spirituality of travel.  Jake also reads several excerpts from his book.