Jacqueline Henry-Ross


Jackie w Guitar.jpg

Jacqueline Henry-Ross is a Classical Spanish Guitarist who lives in Northern California. She started to play the guitar at the age of nine and studied intensely under the tutelage of David Grimes, ultimately graduating with a Bachelors of Music Degree from California State University at Fullerton. Her most profound musical memories include having taken Master Classes with the world renowned classical guitarist Maestro Andrés Segovia. 

In addition, she and her twin sister Patricia Turner were chosen to perform for Maestro Segovia as a duo at a benefit concert in his honor at the “Coconut Grove” in Los Angeles along with the Brazilian guitarist, Larindo Almeida.  Jacqueline has been a featured performer throughout California, Oregon, Florida and Mexico.  She also played her classical Spanish guitar live on the famous Hispanic television show Sábado Gigante.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of Jaqueline Henry-Ross playing her classical guitar while Paul W. Jacob reads his literary work in the Bush Auditorium at Rollins College.