The Mystical Mixologist

Distilling the Essence of Life

By Paul W. Jacob

(Release Date: November 2016)









The Mystical Mixologist by Paul W. Jacob is  a unique and deeply transformative book that explores the current “mixology movement” burgeoning in restaurants and bars within environmental,  spiritual, and mystical contexts.  It is not another bourgeois cocktail book, but is an inspiring memoir/instructional treatise that expresses how creativity behind the bar, environmental connection,  and serving others can be a holistic path capable of providing deep life lessons for conscious spiritual growth. 

The book teaches that every choice an individual makes affects our community and the greater natural environment.  By utilizing more sustainable ingredients, a joyful attitude of service, and being mindful of each step of cocktail creation,  a mixologist can create well-crafted drinks.  However, there is a level that exists beyond cocktail culture; a realm where The Mystical Mixologist distills the essence of life through the transformation of libations, patrons, and the places where they come together.

The Mystical Mixologist also contains fifty original cocktail and cordial recipes that showcase the finest organic ingredients, recipes for healthy non-alcoholic libations and tonics, a tutorial on creating alcohol infusions, and mystical bar wisdom.  This book guides its readers toward the realm of conscious cocktails and the art of spiritual distillation.