Blue Collar Nomad

The Literary Reflections of a Grassroots Pilgrim

By Jake Kaida

This deeply engaging collection of travel essays explores the environmental, cultural, and spiritual topography of North America through the rhythmic lens of a nomadic soul.   These atmospheric narratives blend genuine working class ethics with jazzy intuitive prose in order to transport readers deep into various localities and communities in the United States and Canada.  Each of these essays present meaningful dialogues between the author and a cast of  unique and marginalized local characters which explore what it means to be in-place, to feel out-of-place, and the idea/reality of home in a postmodern, materialistic world.

Blue Collar Nomad  journeys into gritty urban areas, eclectic towns, and isolated geographical landscapes   This book stirs it readers to get out there and be with the land and its people, beyond the stifling shadows of institutions and technology, in order to deeply feel the world outside and within for themselves. 

"Blue Collar Nomad is a serene collection of meditations on self, time, and place in the 21st century American landscape. Evoking the spiritual quests of Jon Krakauer, Jack Kerouac, and Henry David Thoreau, this collection of narratives affirms one’s faith in the power of language to root and restore a world of one. For anyone searching for the Church of the Blue Sky, reading Jake Kaida is a must."

-Nancy Grace
Author of Jack Kerouac and the Literary Imagination

"Jake Kaida found spiritual discipline in the nomadic lifestyle and sustained it with the gift of intuitive grace. Above all, Kaida learned about showing up and being present. His personal journey is beautifully told in Blue Collar Nomad in both prose and poem."

-Christine Cote
Editor, Stone Voices Literary Journal