The Sustainability of Nomadic Devotion Books

Many small and indie presses either go out of business in their first couple of years or totally switch to POD (Print-on-Demand) models in order to save money, but we here at Nomadic Devotion Books are thriving due to the fact that we publish very select books and music and then get behind those publications wholeheartedly by arranging tours, readings, and performances for our authors and musicians.  We truly believe in quality over quantity, and that's why our first book and CD, the Blue Collar Nomad Literary Soundtrack Project, has sold so well.

Our next book, Nomadic Devotion: A Contemplative Inquiry into the Poetics of Place will be released in the beginning of 2017.

Moreover, our books are still printed in the USA on recycled paper with plant-based inks in respectable print runs, as we believe in our books and our authors.