Nomadic Devotion Books are sustainably printed in the U.S.A.


Nomadic Devotion Books is conscious of both what we publish and how we publish it.  We have created an enviro-friendly grassroots business model that includes offset printing our books in the U.S.A. on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with non-toxic plant-based inks and animal free glue.  

Nomadic Devotion Books  does not utilize print-on-demand publishing, because a book publisher who utilizes this method is not responsible to the author for printing any more copies then are directly ordered through websites.  Thus, sometimes an author will sign away the rights to their work to a publisher for what amounts to 40-50 copies of their book being printed with no additional distribution to brick and mortar bookstores.  In addition, print-on-demand books, due to the technology used to create them, are usually of a poorer quality.  

We find it hard to believe that the majority of corporate and independent publishers still do not use recycled paper and plant-based inks; many also print their books in China and India where workers endure unhealthy conditions and low pay.  Other publishers say that it costs too much money to sustainably produce a book here in the United States, but Nomadic Devotion Books would rather spend a bit more money to have our books produced consciously and sustainably in the U.S.A..

That is our promise to you, our patrons.