At Nomadic Devotion Books, our mission is to publish the highest quality books and musical compositions while honoring the artists who created them.  We are passionate about publishing books and music that deeply engage the themes of spirituality and locality, as well as work that inspires its audience to walk a conscious path through life.

All Nomadic Devotion Books  are sustainably produced  on post-consumer recycled paper with non-toxic plant-based inks and animal free glue. 

Nomadic Devotion Books are distributed throughout North America by Small Press United, a division of IPG, which allows our writers to reach readers in diverse areas.  In addition to this, we also provide our artists with any necessary support with regards to scheduling and logistics, in order for them to embark on regional grassroots tours to share their work and build community. This includes helping our artists get interviewed on NPR and local radio shows, featured in alternative media sources, and arranging readings at independent bookstores, literary festivals, spiritual centers, and college campuses.

Due to our work experience within the independent publishing industry and alternative media worlds, the team at Nomadic Devotion Books  is dedicated to fostering a holistic atmosphere for the production and distribution of artistic works within our niche.  In order to accomplish this, we will always be highly selective with what we publish and how we publish it.   For it is not how many books or musical compositions a publisher floods the marketplace with that makes it authentic, but the content, quality and overall message of the works that we choose to release.