Poetics of Place: American City Series

San Francisco

Nomadic Devotion Books believes that it is essential for people to establish a deep connection with the foundational aspects of our whole environment. For in this techno-addicted world, the distinct personality and energy of actual place is being forgotten and replaced by the superficial entertainment of virtual non-places. 

It is toward this goal of re-awakening and keeping alive the transformative aspects of locality in our individual and collective lives that we are creating the Poetics of Place: American City Series

These editions will explore the diverse topography, cultural landscapes and spiritual milieu that come together to create distinct American cities.  Our guides into the depths of these locations will be the selected poems of locals, travelers, pilgrims, flaneurs, and writers of various backgrounds and assemblage points.  Our hope is that these books will inspire people to look deeply into the places where they are. 


The publishing schedule for this series is as follows:

San Francisco - Fall 2017

New York City - Spring 2018

New Orleans - Fall 2018