The Story of Nomadic Devotion Books

The story of Nomadic Devotion Books began a long time ago, when Paul W. Jacob was in undergraduate school and he created an alternative media publication named Phage.  This sparked a deep interest in independent publishing within him.  He later attended graduate school on the West Coast, where his thesis delved into the consciousness of place.  From there, Jacob traveled throughout Europe and the United States on assignment for the global club-culture magazine Revolution, writing about music subcultures and the places where they flourished.  During his travels, he decided that a magazine was needed to inspire conscious travel while looking deeply into the transformational aspects of location.  Thus, the groundbreaking Modern Nomad magazine was born and published from 2001-2004.  From 2004-2010, Jacob traveled throughout North America, Europe, and New Zealand working as a natural chef and writer-in-residence at various retreat centers.

In 2009, Jacob completed work on his book, Conscious Cocktails: A Journey into Organic Mixology.  He quickly acquired a well-known literary agent in Manhattan, who brought him an offer for the book from a respected publisher on the West Coast.  However, with the economy spiraling downward, the West Coast press eventually made a financial decision to only publish three of the many titles that it had offered to publish.  Thus, Conscious Cocktails was not published at that time.  A couple of years later, the author was offered another contract with a sizable advance from a publisher in Toronto but was asked to cut the spirituality out of the book to make it more mainstream.  The author denied the publisher's request and once again the book was not published.  Then, in 2013, Jacob was sent another contract from a publisher in the Northeast.  However, after receiving the contract with the agreed upon publication date, the publisher later called the author to request that they move back publication one year.  The author denied this request and once again the book went unpublished.  Thus the book, Conscious Cocktails, which was ready for publication in 2009, has continued to sit unpublished due to several other publishers' inabilities to follow through with their offers and contracts.

In 2014, Jacob and his wife, Jessica, decided to found Nomadic Devotion Books, in order to create a grassroots business model that exists outside of the trendy materialistic mainstream publishing pattern.  Jessica's graduate studies are in linguistics, and she currently teaches second language acquisition at the college level. Thus they both have a vital interest in developing deep and clear communication in order to evolve human consciousness.  They also have talented friends and colleagues, who will bring their various skills and gifts to this burgeoning creative endeavor. 

As Modern Nomad magazine revolutionized the way readers comprehended travel and place, and many of the restaurants and retreat centers where Jacob worked transformed the way people thought about organic and sustainable food sources, so Nomadic Devotion Books will alter people's socially conditioned views of the world by inspiring transformational wonder within them one carefully selected book or musical composition at a time.